What Makes Us Unique


We are attorneys and counselors dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals inside and outside of the trial and appeals courts. We accomplish big things through the perfection of minor details. For us, preparation is the prize. We fear no opponent; we respect every opponent. We fight hard for you, but we practice civility in dealing with our adversaries. We believe in mastering the complex and making it simple for your audience, be it a judge, jury, or appellate panel. In counseling our polestars are listening, wisdom, compassion, and alertness to your goals. In high-stakes litigation we practice a total team approach, creating case-specific teams of professionals (lawyers and others) who, together, can take on and overcome large and determined opposition.

Dan Lawton

Joseph C. Kracht

In August 2013 in shareholder derivative case, represented minority shareholders who alleged conversion and breach of fiduciary duty against majority shareholders and co-directors. Following bench trial, San Diego Superior Court (Judge Lisa Schall) ruled in favor of client-minority shareholders, awarding over $4.1 million in compensatory damages and prejudgment interest...
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In March 2013, San Diego Magazine recognized Dan as one of the Top Lawyers in San Diego in the field of appellate law. The honor resulted from anonymous polling of Dan's peers in the San Diego Bar.
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