What Our Peers Say

“...well-acquainted with Mr. Lawton's first-rate abilities, skills and ethics.”
– Stephen P. Swinton, Esq.

“Mr. Lawton has my great respect and admiration as an attorney.”
– Scott A. McMillan, Esq.

“...Mr. Lawton's excellent reputation, abilities and experience."
– Mark C. Mazzarella, Esq.

“No sophisticated small firm trial lawyer handling business cases in San Diego has a better reputation than Dan Lawton. As for his experience, he is at the prime of life and of his profession with over twenty years of demanding practice behind him. That practice has included extensive appellate and doubly extensive motion to work far beyond the typical levels in our legal community, my own included. Finally, Mr. Lawton's ability is unsurpassed among our colleagues, competitors, and peers. Plaintiffs in this case simply could not have found a better lawyer to take their case to trial and judgment."
– Stephen F. Yunker, Esq.

“I am well-acquainted with Mr. Lawton's abilities, skills and ethics, which are among the highest in the local bar."
– Michael H. Riney Esq.

“I once referred a case to Mr. Lawton which involved claims for defamation and battery against the former mayor of the City of San Diego. Mr. Lawton took on the case and I was not aware of any other attorney who was willing to take on the case at the time. The former mayor was ably represented. Mr. Lawton skillfully litigated the case to a voluntary resolution on the eve of trial and obtained an excellent result for the client. I believe he took significant risks in doing so and that the representation that he gave to (my former client) was excellent in every aspect. Given my high degree of trust in Mr. Lawton's skills and ethics, I have referred other clients to Mr. Lawton as well.”
– Robert P. Ottilie, Esq.