What Our Clients Say


“Our management team at ecoATM, Inc., has been very pleased to use Lawton Law Firm as outside litigation counsel in two recent matters in the California courts. We chose Dan and his team after interviewing several other law firms.

At all times, Dan and his team delivered great value to our company. They display genuine sensitivity to cost, team play, and a sense of proportion in harmony with the goals of our company. Their advice and tactics were sound, effective, and efficient. We find Dan's advice ever practical.

Dan fights the opposition aggressively and hard – but also honestly, fairly, and humanely. This quality is one which we prize in our litigation counsel. At ecoATM it is important that any law firm who represents our company, reflect it and our values every time he steps into court or communicates with other counsel. Lawton Law Firm does this every day.

I would recommend Lawton Law Firm to any company, large or small, who is looking for smart, practical, and cost-effective advocacy and counsel in or outside of the courthouse. I think Dan is among the best at what he does.”

– Mark Bowles, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, ecoATM, Inc.

“I have worked with Dan first as a mentor, and more recently as outside counsel for my company. His advice is prompt, clear and correct. His actions in dealing with other counsel are courteous and exhibit a get-the-job-done attitude. Where necessary he is a fierce advocate. I always want Dan on my side."
– Bill Hoese, General Counsel, Cubic Corporation

“Dan Lawton and his co-counsel Joe Kracht were a godsend in my highly emotional and time consuming probate case that ultimately ended up in trial. A masterful litigator in the courtroom, Dan is a force with unwavering skill, tenacity and technical excellence. At all times Dan and his staff were professional yet personable with their support and guidance. These qualities served me well during a difficult time. The Lawton Law Firm represents San Diego's finest counsel. I do not hesitate to recommend Dan Lawton's exemplary services for any legal matter.”
– Client

“The Lawton Law firm is about integrity. I've used them in both professional and personal capacities. Their ability to simplify the complex is what makes them a unique law firm. When they are working on a case or issue for me, I know that I can rest with confidence, knowing that I am being represented by a hard working group that always has their clients' interest in mind. I've seen Dan Lawton in private conferences, in court rooms, and in front of Government bodies and he has prevailed time and time again.”
– Client

“Dan Lawton is one of San Diego's finest, and works tirelessly representing his clients' best interests. I have referred Dan to several friends in need of legal representation and he has helped each beyond their expectations. Dan is bright, personable and well-regarded in the legal community. He carefully balances his easy going disposition with a tenacious representation in and out of the courtroom."
– Client

“Lawton Law Firm was a godsend to me when my company needed advice on legal issues regarding our business. We are a small company, and we needed personalized attention and we chose the right firm. Dan Lawton was upfront and was able to present our options in a way that made sense."
– Mark A. McLaughlin, Owner, MDM Builders

“I wanted to express my appreciation for the exceptional legal services you have provided for me over the past few years. As an attorney, your acumen and insight are invaluable and you have taken a personal interest in my situation which made me feel as though I had a powerful ally in my corner. Along with your considerable legal skills, your compassionate and conscientious style as a lawyer is to be admired and is in the highest tradition of your profession. I would wholeheartedly recommend you as counsel to any party in need of a highly skilled and compassionate attorney.
– Chris Saunders, Communications Specialist, Thomas Jefferson School of Law

“Dan Lawton provides a very practical business approach to legal representation and problem-solving."
– Client (VP of large engineering services company)

“The Lawton Law Firm - brilliant and insightful; a refreshing approach to the practice of law. As a business owner I genuinely appreciate their solution oriented way of working with people. The Lawton Law Firm's solution oriented approach saved countless hours of litigation, money and resources; not to mention what they saved us in terms of sleepless nights."
– Sean M. Curtis, President/CEO, Coffee Ambassador, Inc.

“...I have had the pleasure of knowing Dan Lawton for nearly 10 years and in that time, I have entrusted Dan on several occasions to protect my best interests as well as protect the interests of my company. I know that Dan's professionalism, thoroughness and dedication will not only help me win my case, but provide me with the attention to detail and service I desire.

“In addition to serving me and my company's best interests, Dan Lawton is a valuable friend and trusted ally. My experience with the Lawton Law Firm has yielded favorable results and, more importantly, incredible professionalism, hard work and integrity. Beyond result, Dan Lawton and the Lawton Law Firm have provided me incredible professionalism, thoroughness and trust for nearly 10 years. It has been a pleasure working with Dan and his team."
– John C. Boggs

“As the head of the Forensic Accounting Department at one of San Diego's largest accounting firms, I have met and worked with a large number of fine attorneys, and a few that weren't so commendable. In my experience, Dan Lawton, and the Lawton Law Firm, serve their clients in a professional, dignified and tenacious manner. I have seen Dan prevail representing clients of limited means against much larger law firms and adversaries with virtually unlimited resources. In the midst of bitter controversies, he always maintains his professional demeanor, and is absolutely tenacious in representing his clients. I first met Dan representing a party opposing my own client. I was so impressed with the way he represented his client that I wanted him on my side of future cases. When I need legal services, Dan Lawton is the lawyer I use. I have learned to value his advice and wisdom and am very appreciative of the assistance he has given me, my family and my firm over the years.”
– Dana Basney, MSB, CPA, CFE, CIRA, CVA, ABV Shareholder, Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C., An Independent CPA Firm and Director, CBIZ Nation Smith Hermes Diamond

“I needed an attorney with much business litigation experience capable of working through complex issues with a good result. I found Mr. Lawton to be very knowledgeable and highly skilled. He handled my case with a level of care and consideration that gave me total confidence and peace of mind. Legal action is not always the most pleasant experience, even as a plaintiff, but Mr. Lawton treated my case as if it were his only case, which greatly impressed me. I will always be grateful to Mr.Lawton for handling my case, and his commitment to excellence.”
– Client (plaintiff who prevailed in AAA arbitration proceedings)

“Dan Lawton and his team prosecuted a challenging and sensitive litigation matter for us. The matter required fighting a four-front war (in court, in arbitration, before a government agency, and, ultimately, in mediation); dealing with print and broadcast media who covered the case; and combating a determined, difficult, and well-financed adversary who employed one of the State's largest law firms against us. Dan and his team prevailed in every battle, positioning the case for a mediation (set up by Dan) and a favorable settlement. Dan and his team gave us excellent service and wise counsel at all times. I would recommend Lawton Law Firm without reservation to any company or person (be they a “David" or “Goliath") in complex and difficult litigation."
– Client (President of local technology company)

“Dear Dan,

I am writing to express my gratitude for the services I have received over the past 15+ years, I can not thank you enough for your honesty and commitment.

Each and every time I used your firm I felt that I was getting the truth and the best advice, whether it was good news or bad. You saved me so much money and time by telling me what I did not want to hear and your advice about settling or dropping a case turned out to be the right decision each and every time, for that I owe you a great deal even though i didn not like the news at the time.

As you know I have recommended others to you over the years and each time I did I would receive a thank you from them telling me how professional and honest you were. Another thing I like about your firm is that you are not all things to all people, if you feel you're not correctly suited for a case you recommend someone else that would provide more expertise to the case.

Thank you again Dan for all your years of protecting our company."
– Michael Trefero, President, Datatronix Financial Services, Inc.

“Dan Lawton and his associates handled a very contentious business litigation for me with the utmost professionalism, skill and most importantly personal attention and compassion. He has a masterful understanding of the law and knows how to communicate the position of his clients like no one I have ever encountered. I have recommended him to others and will continue to do as he is one of San Diego's best."
– Client

“Dear Dan,

When there is a dispute, often both sides believe they are in the right. The law becomes the final arbiter of the dispute. Both sides select legal counsel for the purpose of winning their respective position. But the tactics of winning at all costs has given the legal profession the poor reputation it holds among the marketplace.

You provided not only exceptional legal representation for our position from the aspect of knowledge of the law, but you believed in our position and us as individuals and the wrong which was perpetrated by the defendants. While you provided superb technical skills from the preparation of the case and in the courtroom, you provided these skills in an ethical manner, even in the face of the oppositions' questionable ethics. Your approach of always approaching each day of trial as ten points behind provided the unqualified preparation of your team to handle the twists, turns and tricks offered by the opposing counsel. You gave us our day in court, and I am grateful.

I would recommend your team's services without qualification to any person or company, whose needs require the finest possible legal counsel available in Southern California.

– Client

“...Dan Lawton has a quiet manner and a killer style."
– Client

“Dear Dan:

I want to personally thank you and Joe Kracht for the wonderful job your firm did on the Garcia vs. GMS Janitorial Services, Inc. case in November, 2006. I was delighted with the presentation and especially appreciated your suggested modifications to the case. I appreciate the extra time and effort you put into this case. I have to admit that in the beginning I was afraid and nervous, but after the first hour of being in the court room with you and Joe listening and watching the professional way you handled everything I felt much better and confident.

I know good things do not happen without a great deal of effort. I want you to know how much I appreciate your help with this case.

We look forward to continuing an relationship with you and your firm.

– Jose R. Gonzalez, President, GMS Janitorial Services Inc.

“To Whom It May Concern:

While the San Diego Padres have two full time in-house counsel on staff, the club has, on several occasions, sought the assistance of Mr. Dan Lawton and his colleagues at the Lawton Law Firm. 

Without fail, Mr. Lawton has provided wise counsel to the Padres.  His exacting judgment, expansive legal wisdom and unfailing professionalism have served us well, regardless of the legal matter under consideration. 

It has been my good fortune to work directly with Mr. Lawton on all Padres-related legal concerns; I have found him to be a tireless worker in terms of his preparation, meticulous to a fault when it comes to negotiating and singularly skilled when litigation has become the order of the day.  And in every instance when a matter has reached the courtroom, Mr. Lawton has prevailed.  In baseball terms, he has batted a convincing .1000.

Our experience with Mr. Lawton has been that when he makes a commitment to a project or legal matter, that commitment is an unstinting one.  From start to finish, he keeps the client informed, providing intelligent and precise guidance at every step.  Better yet, when one enters into a working agreement with Mr. Lawton, it seamlessly becomes a collaborative effort.  He grasps fully the importance of forging what is essentially a partnership with his client; accordingly, the client feels a part of the process and the ultimate resolution.

Dan Lawton is, quite simply, the best at what he does.  At any point in the future when outside counsel is appropriate, the San Diego Padres will be quick to turn to the Lawton Law Firm for assistance.” 

Timothy M. Katzman
Director, Corporate Communications
San Diego Padres Baseball Club

“Dear Dan,

I am sure you are aware that you and your firm were referred to Cissy and I thru our CPA Firm Peterson & Co LLP. Cissy and I have truly felt blessed since our first meeting with you and your team six years ago and our continued relationship.

As you know, back at our original meeting both Cissy and I were both filled with as much anxiety that anyone could humanly handle. We had never been sued before! We will never forget how we felt after that first two hour meeting with you. The peace of mind we so eagerly desired had returned to us from just that first encounter with you and your team.

Together we won every law suit we were involved with. Together is an important term because regardless of which case you and your team were working on for us, we never felt we were out of the loop, but rather part of a team! I have to admit, I sometimes wondered how opposing counsel and there clients could sleep at night both from their own questionable ethics and being up against such an adversary of your caliber.

We also want to thank you for providing us legal representation that has simply been second to none over the past six years. Whether you and your team were representing us as plaintiffs or defendants, your ethical representation, your knowledge of the law, your presentation, delivery and litigation skills are second to none through out all the legal challenges we have been faced with.

Obviously no one wants to be involved in litigation, however, if the time comes again I sincerely look forward to working with you and your team again in the future. In our business we team up with professionals that compliment us. Whether that is with CPA's, financial planners, insurance professionals or The Lawton Law firm, we always feel confident with you representing us and the interest of our clients.

Dan, I look forward to sending you clients in the future as I have in the past and if need be, teaming up in the future!

– Steve Farguson, Capital Real Estate Finance

“I got to know Dan Lawton when a longtime mutual friend referred me to 'the best lawyer' he knew to consult on my case. Little did I know how 'right' my friend was or how ideal of an attorney Dan Lawton would be. I had previously spoken with other lawyers regarding this case, which dealt with a highly delicate matter. Without a doubt, Dan gave me the most sound and savvy legal advice I received – of any of the lawyers I spoke with in the U.S. or abroad, where the events of the case transpired. Dan is a brilliant attorney. I say that because, as an Ivy League graduate who works in the Arts & Entertainment field, I am no stranger to spotting talent. I also appreciated that Dan was always direct and forthright with me, especially as I have encountered lawyers who are less sincere and straightforward. Dan gave me a lot compassion and understanding, both which were most helpful during the challenging period of my life when I walked through his door. From the outset, I could tell Dan Lawton was 'on my side' what a relief and gift, especially as I knew I was about to enter into a murky, legal mire. I will be forever grateful to Dan for his wisdom, generosity and acumen as an attorney. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this exceptional man helped save my life. Anyone who gets the opportunity to have Dan as an attorney or “on their side" is a fortunate person indeed -- though, I pity the person who goes up against him in a legal battle; Dan is so smart, strategic and successful at winning, that, as one who likes to win myself, I would never willingly play a game of chess, or any other game for that matter, against him."
– Client

“Lawton Law Firm has handled multiple cases, in the State and federal courts, for our company for the past several years. Some of these cases have been against publicly-traded companies who hired large law firms to defend them. In every case, Dan and his staff achieved superior results (one of which literally saved our company) and court rulings in our favor. They took the time to understand our technology. They invested
thousands of hours and many nights and weekends to our cause. They out-lawyered the opposition on every occasion. Their innovative approach used courtroom technology to our advantage.

Dan and his staff also were total professionals at all times. They have been available to us 24/7 when we needed it. Before using Lawton Law Firm we used other lawyers for our litigation needs; no more. We are proud to count Lawton Law Firm as our litigation counsel of choice. They are a class act who combine legal acumen, superior performance, and ultimate integrity. ”
– President/Chairman of the Board of local life sciences company.

"...I am a 24 year law enforcement veteran. I appreciate those that foster traditional values of integrity, leadership, and tenacity in their personal and professional lives. Dan Lawton exudes those qualities. Quite simply, he is the best. I would not hesitate to contact Lawton Law Firm, in I should need assistance or guidance in the future."
– Sara Simpson

"...Over the next several months, Dan dealt with in house counsel for the plaintiff while slowly eviscerating their hired guns, a national law firm with an office in San Diego. By the time the entire matter had been successfully resolved, the attack dogs had backed down and their lead attorney rolled over on every significant issue. While I had also come to the realization that I needed to slightly alter my name and logo, Dan's invaluable assistance was clearly responsible for an incredibly successful outcome. His professional abilities and performance gave me the confidence that David could and would, once again, defeat Goliath on the field of battle."
– Bradford Perry, Perry Commercial RE